Push Doctor at Mayflower Medical Group

We are excited to announce that we are now working in partnership with online GP provider Push Doctor to provide our patients with video consultations seven days a week, from 08:00-20:00. This is to support the practice with the unprecedented levels of demand we are currently experiencing, as well as providing more availability for our patients to access NHS GPs via video appointment, with the option to receive advice, guidance, prescriptions, sick notes and referrals at a time that suits you.

A clinician from the Mayflower team will review your request, and send a text message inviting you to use the Push Doctor service if they feel it is safe and appropriate for your request to be managed and resolved in this way. Push Doctor have access to appropriate healthcare records for the consultation, and if you receive an invitation for the service you can be assured it is a safe and reliable way to resolve your request.

The practice remains open as usual for telephone and face-to-face consultations; video appointments are an additional, complimentary service for those who would prefer to be seen from home, and are usually available quicker than face-to-face appointments.

Visit Push Doctor to find more information about how video consultations work. We hope you welcome this expansion and modernisation of our services as openly and enthusiastically as we do.